Stone processing

is a skill and an art


30 years of tradition


Schmidt Stonemasonry is more than 30 years of tradition and even more years of experience. Our company has been operating since 1989 when Ferdynand Schmidt founded a small family company in Falmirowice. The first years of our activity were focused on building our market position and developing our offer. In the beginning the company produced tombstones, progressively extending the portfolio to include stairs and window sills. The material used as a basis for production also changed. The former lastrico has now been replaced by fine granite.


At first, production took place in a small workshop right next to the family home. As the number of orders increased, it became necessary to expand the company. At the end of the 1990s, the workshop was moved to Ferdynand Schmidt’s former family home at 18 Wiejska Street in Falmirowice. The workshop operated at this location for about 20 years. As of 28 February 2019, the Schmidt Ferdynand Stonemasonry has been relocated to new headquarters at 1a Ozimska Street in Falmirowice.


Company headquarters Falmirowice



Sustainable development


To meet every customer’s needs, we follow the most recent trends, bringing the most exclusive kinds of stone straight to your home.


The company is continuously growing and plans further investments. Our office is equipped with samples of available materials to present our offer. In addition, we are planning to expand our machine park, which will allow us to increase production capacity. Currently, we offer products made of granite, conglomerate, quartz sandstone and marble.