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Schmidt Stonemasonry Opole

Schmidt Stonemasonry has been in the stone industry for over 30 years, manufacturing window sills, stairs, countertops, and floors from stone. At present, we offer mainly granite products, but also, among others, marble, quartzite, or onyx. Through our extensive machine park, we have the possibility of extremely precise stone processing, even in ovals. Every day we control the quality of our products, taking care of the long tradition of the brand. Schmidt Stonemasonry creates its products from the highest quality rock minerals, with the assurance of extraordinary durability. The production method is controlled by qualified engineers, which guarantees the precision of workmanship. All products are manufactured in a family company, for over 30 years. This knowledge passed down from generation to generation is reflected in all our products. Due to this fact, the quality is at the highest level and items made of stone may last even several dozen years without any repairs. We manufacture products at the request of our clients, maintaining the best production standards.

The largest selection of granite products in Opole

We offer the most durable stone countertops for the kitchen and bathroom. Due to taking care of the quality of the stone, we create durable products with a stunning look. Stylish and practical granite window sills are resistant to temperature changes, pressure, mechanical damage as well as chemicals. We offer more than 100 designs, colors, and textures of stones, so we can adapt to any style of interior, from modern to classic, maintained in a retro climate. Schmidt Stonemasonry creates its products from the highest quality rock minerals, which makes them extremely durable. The production method is strictly supervised, which guarantees the precision of workmanship. During the production process, modern equipment is used, which shortens the time of production and enables the production of various shapes.